sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Rule of three (the new ditactorship)

In our days unless fortunate almost all the people recurs to credit. Ho maries wants their own home says a Portuguese saying, then the problem arises when bad luck knocks at the door step and all goes down the toilet, and we see ourselves struggling to get a job before unemployment fund runs out. In today’s culture means making use of connections gathered during life. Therefore the obedience in today’s working environment that if there were bad intended employees we were condemned to serve. It’s not by chance that a famous banker once said give me the financial control of a country that I care not ho rules it.

I don’t remember where or when I heard that in the Portuguese colonial war the natives were taking drugs to be able to slaughter. Stories I heard that in the Portuguese quarters something similar happened. In a TV report showed that in a Asian country some employers encourage their employees to take drugs to improve their productivity. Even the other day during a flight I saw a video were it was announced a 100% natural drug that adolescents were taking in UK, capable of improving students concentration. In what regards Pharmaceuticals I always suspect, it is not the first time that a drug is withdrawal from the market.

With the lack of productivity that the Portuguese are accused of, one of these days someone might remember putting in the company’s canteens some magic salt to improve productivity.


Two factors were preponderant to the II world war: the fact that the Germans were strangled with loans and the high unemployment rates.

In what concerns to unemployment rates everyone knows what happened after 9/11. Soon after this event I was in New York, where I was told that short before the attack there was a book written talking about an attack to USA. Supposing US secret services had previous knowledge but would nothing to prevent it.

I tried to find it on the internet but wasn’t able to, if someone knows the name of the book my email is on this blog.

No comment

One day I was traveling by train on a long journey, when I met someone that used to be a junior cyclist that loved competition. I mentioned the fact that I don’t like long runs with a bike for the pain in the ass, but loved climbing hills. He looked at me and told me: you know, I really like cycling competition, but one day I saw a professional laying down on a litter full of syringes a side and that was it, I said no more, I don’t want that kind of life for me, the same day I spoke with my mentor and packed my boots.

The shock doctrine

The following video talks about a method of making the people accepting unconditional submission. They are confronted with the worst reality possible with no escape until they lower down their arms and follow the regime. They face unemployment repression and even torture in case they fight the regime. Again torture is done in the worst way possible so that people won’t try again.  This was done in Chile. Here in Portugal in 200* we heard about the technological shock and lately 2011 the entrepreneur shock, but the real shock was the unemployment! They expect to put people moving finding their own solutions, as vaccines put our body in movement creating resistance to diseases. They expect this way the job market to regulate by itself and solve any problems, this theory even got the Nobel price… Of course this always leads to jungle law, the one that George Bush says to be opposed to… The rich become more rich and the poor more poor, before the rich had some opponency from the governments but now with all their money they can buy whatever they want with no one in their way, they make the rules, it’s jungle law! (do a search on video.google.com on "the shock doctrine", the version that I had posted now gives an error)

see alternative versions on:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBfzp74FDAU&feature=player_embedded (portuguese translation)

Is this true?

The truth is that Aarons Russo died with cancer and Hugo Chaves has cancer...